A shock absorber in real terms is required for your foot safety.

Recently, engineers and researchers feel the need to measure and state the shock and resistance performances of various materials and raw materials in design and development of the footwear. In present, foot wears may be exposed to shock power ten times of the body weight. Therefore, producers are expected to develop and produce products with higher technical performance, unwearying, high-level comfort and complex footbed structure.

Health-care professionals and physicians imply the importance of the shoe selection for feet health. Doctors and physicians suggest the following for the healthy shoe preference.

Make sure that the footbed is “shock absorber” while choosing a healthy shoe. Otherwise, with every step you take, foot bones will be reversely affected. Shoes with wood or similar materials and non-elastic cause constant pain by putting too much weight on foot bonds and joints.

During trekking and working, body weight is focused on a specific point of the sole and transferred to other areas respectively. Due to the feature of the shock absorber material used in the area of weight pressure, fast absorbing of the weight and easier transfer to other areas is provided. A healthy walking is provided through this system and usage of materials of different volumes in production.

“Plantar fasciopathy” is one of the leading disorders regarding feet health. Plantar fasciopathy disorder is kind of an inflammation of sole membrane. The most important complaint is ache. Inappropriate shoe selections, working at jobs requiring you to stand at your feet for too long and walking mistakes such as making too much pressure to heel while walking are the main factors of plantar fasciopathy in following years.

Standing on your feet for too long causes health problems such as tiredness, swelling, waist pain and tiredness overall. Shock absorber system prevents the occurrence of plantar fasciopathy by decreasing the weight on the heel. Therefore it prevents pains such as the tiredness overall and waist pain.

With double-density shock absorber system developed by Techno-Boots, for the first time in the history of boots, all our customers will feel and use this comfort and health.

Healthy feet will stay healthy for years by wearing shock absorbed Techno-Boots. Your feet health is important to Techno-Boots.


Why SRC sole boots is necessary for your safety?

Shoe and boot soles show tendency of slipping according to the features of the environment they are standing. As a result of this slipping, the person the boot is carrying may lose its balance and a risk of accident occurs. Meanwhile there are several factors affecting slipping, the most important ones are the sole of the boot touching the surface and the condition of the surface touched.

Accidents occurring as a result of the slipping cost a lost and may cause serious injuries in industrial accidents. Also, work safety experts detected that worn out shoe and boot soles were the potential reason of slipping. In addition to this, although the slipping features of the footwear used is related to the sole shape, it is also related to the raw materials used.


Especially INSOLE is essential for your feet health.

Foot odor an unwanted condition causing troubles for many people occurring as a result of feet sweating bacteria growth.

To prevent the feet odor anti-bacterial soap and antiperspirants; to prevent the bacteria growing anti-bacterial gels and to prevent the foot fungus anti-fungal usage is recommended.

In addition, changing socks a few times a day is recommended; however, all of these precautions require extra time for especially working people.

As the most basic solution of this foot odor problem, used insoles need to be:

A: Breathable

B: Sweat absorber and release the sweat quickly.

All the Techno-boots branded boots provide these features and can be safely used. The raw material we use in insoles is produced by world-wide known firm Sanitized AG and is used in Techno-boots products certified.



- Minimizes the shock in earth with appropriate technological design, prevents against injuries and provides stabilized balance support in daily use in rugged terrain.

- The shock absorber structure protecting the metatarsus, arch and heel is supplementary in preventing plantar fasciopathy, flat-footed pain, leg muscle and general feet pain, back and waist pains occurring as a result of standing on feet for too long during long working hours.

- prevents bacteria and fungus occurrence to remove the bad foot odor occurring as a result of extra foot sweating.

-PU insoles which are long-lasting and breathable include anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic features.

- Quality covering fabric provides high strength and perfect comfort against rubbing and weariness with sweat absorbing and quick-drying features.

- It can be provided from all sizes between of 36 and 49.



Feet produce different amounts of sweat throughout the day according to age, gender, activity and feet-shoe conformity. When sweat combines with heat, humidity occurs inside the shoe. This humidity and heat is the best environment for bacteria to live and reproduce. Insole inserted inside the boots prevents humidity and bacteria forming and protects feet health with its sweat absorbing form. Insole given with every product purchased increases the feet safety with anti-static feature, in addition to comfortable use.