Points to take into consideration regarding work safety boots

Work safety boot is a technical, protective product designed to reduce accident risks and increase the efficiency, therefore there are points to take into consideration while purchasing.



Every firm has various risks according to the work environment. Work safety boots are produced with several options to find the right solution against various risks. During purchasing Work safety boots, these risks should definitely be analyzed by a commission established in the work place and the boot to provide the solution should be chosen. Additionally, consultation service should be taken by customer representatives acknowledged in their fields and if possible, they should be shown the working environment. Especially, free testers provided by the customer representative should be used and whatsoever product is more economic for the institution should be determined after the commission established in the work place makes the cost-benefit analysis. Whereas a wrong product used without making the risk analysis of the work environment does not reduce the accident risk, it will also not provide a protective feature. Therefore, an expenditure made in this way is not possible to meet the expectation. For an accurate risk analysis to be made, questions asked by expertise sellers should be answered correctly and comprehensively and if possible, they should be shown the work environment.



Work safety boots should have the CE label. It should also be paid attention that the information on the CE label is correct and complete during the purchasing of the work safety boots.